Weekly focus: Slides

It’s Slides Week!

Please let your instructor know if your child has been on a slide outside of class and if they did not like it; your instructor can modify the activity for you.

WaterBabies 1 (4-10 months)
• This week you will be working on going under with your child. Your instructor may even introduce passes if you are ready. Let the instructor know if your child has previously been down a slide and they may bring it out at the end of class.

WaterBabies 1 (10-18 months & 18-36 months)
• Slide down, above and under water, depending on your child’s level of water adjustment.

WaterBabies 2 (8+ months)
• Slide and receive child underwater: Your instructor will gently slide your child down, cue them and hand them to you underwater.
• Is your child experiencing Stranger or Separation Anxiety? Please face your child towards you so they do not see the instructor. If your child begins to cry, your instructor will slide them quickly back to you above water.

WaterBabies 2 (18 + months)
• Slide and anchor: Your instructor will slide your child down, cue them and let them fall in the water. Meet your child underwater with your anchor arm.
• Allow your child to kick back up to the surface and reach for you. Let them experience their buoyancy.

WaterBabies 3 
• Slide and anchor.
• Slide-in, turn and reach for the wall.
• Slide-in and dive for toy.

WaterBabies 4
• Slide-in and swim to platform: Help your child swim with eyes down, place a hand on their chest when the are ready to take a breath, and help them pop-up.
• Slide-in and pop-up into X: ask your child to look up and take a big breath, then get into their X shape.