In addition to regular weekly classes, we offer a variety of other courses that will empower you in the water, whether your goal is to confidently support your child’s learning, or simply to approach the water with less fear and uncertainty.

Listening Mothers + Baby Splash

Waterbabies is proud to announce a partnership with the Community of Mindful Parenting! Together, we are offering a weekly class series that combines their unique science-based mindfulness program, Listening Mothers, with our developmentally-appropriate water introduction for infants, Baby Splash. We are excited to bring these two programs together to offer new parents a well-rounded learning opportunity.

During this 8-week seminar, we will divide our time between the classroom and the pool. On land, participants will spend the first 90 minutes learning skills that will help reduce stress and encourage balance, incorporate self-regulation and self-compassion into daily parenting, and join with a like-minded community of other parents with open minds and a willingness to explore. Then, moving to the water, parents will gain and practice techniques to build confidence and comfort with handling baby in the water while enjoying this special and highly sensory parent-child bonding and communication experience.

This combination course is ideal for mothers and infants from 2-8 months old. Cost is $395 for 8 weekly two-hour classes.

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Bathtub Babies

This workshop is a unique learning experience for parents and babies under 5 months. Using a gentle interactive approach, our instructor teaches you how to use daily bath time for family bonding and communication while introducing basic swim techniques to your baby.

During this 90-minute workshop you will engage in land and pool activities that support your child’s healthy development, including:

•  Active movement on land and in the water
•  How and why to stimulate their vestibular system
•  How to make tummy time fun and enjoyable
•  Infant water massage
•  Front and back floating
•  How to introduce water on your baby’s face
•  Developing their vision, hearing, and tracking

This workshop is an opportunity for you to discover how babies develop water skills. Learn why early introduction to the water is important for your child’s brain and sensory system, and practice activities that support their growth while strengthening your bond with your baby. Cost is $95 and includes a reusable cloth swim diaper. Come join us for a fun and informative time!

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Submersion for Parents

Do you wish you had more time to practice submersion? Our one-hour Submersion Workshop for Parents is the perfect opportunity for you to bring your child and practice the techniques you learned in class. Use this extended time to ask any questions you have and get some one-on-one assistance from a WaterBabies instructor. Go slow and make friends with the water!

Cost is $12 and enrollment is open to WaterBabies families enrolled in the current session.

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Water Comfort

Do you want to gain comfort and confidence in the water? Come to our first Water Comfort workshop! This one-hour workshop will introduce breathing, floating, and sinking techniques that will allow you to submerge more comfortably.

If you have a child in our WaterBabies program, this workshop will support you in the development of your baby’s relationship with the water. If you have children in the WaterKids program, increased comfort with submersion will allow you to model skills that are new to them, and share in the excitement of play in the pool.

Cost is $12 and enrollment is open to all adults 18 years and older (no infants or children).

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