Vaccinated Only Open Swim

Join us at the Waterbabies Aquatic Center for Vaccinated Only Open Swim times!

All participants over 16 years of age (staff, contractors, parents) are required to be fully vaccinated during these open swims.

Cost: $15/ child for 1 hour (vaccinated parent/guardian is free)

Times: Mondays 9-10 AM or 10-11 AM, Tuesdays 9-10 AM or 10-11 AM

Location: Waterbabies Aquatic Center, 17110 116th Ave SE, Ste D, Renton

Enrollment: To reserve a date & time, enroll via your Parent Portal. Under “Find Classes”, search for “Open Swim (Vaccinated Only)”.

To Qualify: All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination must be emailed to Waterbabies at least 48 hours before the open swim time, when possible. It will then be saved in the family’s enrollment portal. No private medical information will be shared with anyone outside of Waterbabies without the express permission of the family.

Waterbabies will provide toys for families to use.

Open Swim Rules/Policies

All Waterbabies Aquatic Center facility rules and all general Waterbabies policies (including swim diaper and swim cap requirements) apply during Open Swim times.

 •  Children under 18 years of age or under 54 inches tall (4.5 feet, the depth of our pool) must be directly supervised by an adult who is in the water and within an arm’s length at all times. The only exception to this is if the student has passed a Waterbabies swim test, in which case the parent does not have to be in the water but must remain in the pool area, within sight of their child.

 • There must be at least 1 adult in the water for every 2 children who have not passed the swim test.

 •  Please be respectful of the other open swimmers in the pool.

Waterbabies Swim Test

In order to swim without supervision, a young swimmer must be able to:

1.  Swim half the length of the big pool without goggles or flotation assistance, turn around without touching the wall or bottom of the pool, and then swim back. (Swimmer must be face-down in the water, not on their back.)
2.  Tread water for 30 seconds without touching bottom. Nose and mouth must stay out of the water.

A Waterbabies staff member will oversee the test. If the swimmer passes, their account will be noted for future visits.