Class Enrollment: Class enrollment dates are based on Loyalty Level (see below).

Payment Information: Once you have established your personal Waterbabies enrollment portal, the payment information you entered will be held in our enrollment system for future use. This is a secure system that follows PCI compliance regulations for establishing a secure connection with your payment processor. Payment method can be changed and/or updated by you at any time.

Registration Fee: In addition to class tuition, there is a $10 non-refundable registration fee which will be applied for each child enrolled, each session.

Discounts: These discounts only apply when paying for the full session, and are not applicable after the start of the session, once prorating begins.

 • Columbia Athletic Club (CAC) Member — If enrolling in a parent-tot class at the club where you are a member, a $10 discount will be applied to that class.
 • Multiple Child Enrollment — If enrolling more than one child, you are eligible for a sibling discount of $10 per child after the first child enrolled.
 • Multiple Class Enrollment — If enrolling your child in more than one class, you are eligible for a multiple class discount of $10 off the second class.
 • Insufficient Enrollment — If Waterbabies cancels a class due to insufficient enrollment, we will give you options for enrollment in another class. If we are unable to find an alternative, your tuition will be refunded.

Cancellations: A full refund will be issued if you cancel your enrollment no later than one week prior to the session start. You must notify the Waterbabies office via email and speak directly with someone to confirm your cancellation.

Credits/Deferments: A credit/deferment will be available for use up to one year from date of issue. A credit/deferment for missed classes will be applied to your Waterbabies account only under the below circumstances:

 • Medical Emergency — You or your child develops a medical condition which prevents either of you getting in the water for the remainder of the session (doctor’s note required).
 • Family Emergency — Something happens in your family which requires you to leave for the remainder of the session (documentation may be requested).
 • Class Cancellations — Waterbabies cancels a class and is unable to re-schedule your class.

Loyalty Level Enrollment Program: The date and time when families can enroll for a class is based on a Loyalty Program to honor families who have swum with us for many years. Loyalty Levels are based on a point system in which families receive 1 (one) point for each child enrolled, each session. The higher the number of points a family has, the earlier they are able to register for the upcoming session.

Families must remain active in order to maintain their Loyalty Level. Families who have not participated in a session within the last 12 months will become “inactive” and lose all loyalty points.

Loyalty Level ……….. Point Range
5 ………………………….. 15 or more
4 ………………………….. 7 to 14.5
3 ………………………….. 4 to 6.5
2 ………………………….. 2 to 3.5
1 ………………………….. 0.5 to 1.5

Waterbabies reserves the right to periodically re-evaluate and adjust the point ranges in order to more evenly distribute the number of families within each level.

Equipment & Supplies

Swim Diapers: Reusable swim diapers are REQUIRED for all children under 5 years of age – even if potty-trained. Acceptable swim diapers: Reusable, coated cloth swim diapers with snug-fitting elastic around the waist and legs. Unacceptable swim diapers: disposable diapers, wraparound diapers, and diapers with ties, velcro, or wide-spaced snaps. See examples at our online store.

Goggles: Clear lens goggles (so your child can see you) are REQUIRED for all parents participating in WaterBabies (Parent-Tot) classes. Goggles are also REQUIRED for all children in WaterBabies 3 and higher level classes.

Swim Caps: REQUIRED for anyone (parents or children) with hair below their ears.

Towels: Don’t forget to bring your own towels to dry off and keep warm when transitioning from pool to changing room! (Reminder: towels at Columbia Athletic Club facilities are reserved for CAC members only.)

Swim Fins: Floating fins or zoomers are REQUIRED for children in WaterKids 5 or higher. These should be labeled with your child’s name.

Missed Classes

Cancelled class: If Waterbabies cancels a class, all attempts to re-schedule will be taken. Based on availability, it may be necessary to re-schedule your class on a different day, a different time, or a different location than your regularly scheduled class. If you are unable to attend your re-scheduled class, no credit or refund will be issued.

Absence from class: If you or your child misses a class due to illness, vacation, religious holiday, etc., no credit or refund will be issued.

Health Guidelines

Eating: Do not feed your child at least one hour prior to class to avoid the possibility of throwing up in the pool.

Ears: Internal ear infections are not caused by water entering the ear externally.

Weather: Be sure to dry ears and hair after exiting the pool, especially when it is cold.

Cold: Do not attend class if your child is discharging yellow or green mucous, as that is an indication of an infection. If your child has mild cold symptoms without an infection (runny nose, light cough), but feels well enough and is in good spirits, it is okay to come to class.

Fever: Do not attend class if your child has a fever.

Diarrhea: Do not attend class until you’ve had 7-10 days with no sign of diarrhea.

Chicken pox:  Wait until the scabs start to fall off before coming to class.

Chlorine: We are not in the water long enough for the chlorine to be a problem unless you or your child has chlorine sensitivity.

Eyes: If your child has eczema, their eyes may be sensitive to the chlorine, and goggles will help protect their eyes.

Poop accidents: If you suspect your child has had a poop accident during class, please exit the pool before checking their swim diaper.

Communication: Keep us informed of any health conditions or contagious illnesses ASAP.