Enrollment Questions

(Accounts, Fees, Payments, etc.)

How do your classes run?

Classes run year-round. Beginning April 2020, class enrollment will be perpetual (sometimes referred to as ‘month-to-month’.) Families can enroll any time, and will be billed monthly. Effective starting in April 2020, families can cancel any time, as long as it’s by the 14th of the month prior to when they wish to no longer attend.

When can I enroll in a class?

You can enroll anytime! New families no longer have to wait 2-4 months until the next session. With the Winter 2020 session (Jan – Mar), Waterbabies is transitioning from our longtime ‘Seasonal Session’ structure into a ‘Monthly Perpetual Enrollment’ system. As of 2020, our classes are now structured in a way that allows for new families to enroll at any time.

If you enroll in the Winter 2020 session, we will prorate you for the remaining number of classes between now and March 27th. For classes in April 2020 and beyond, if you start late in a month, you will be prorated for the number of classes you missed within that month.

How do I enroll?

To enroll in our program, simply fill out the Waterbabies Web Registration Form to create your family account. After you submit your form, you will receive an email confirmation which will include a link to your Parent Portal as well as a helpful instructional video. Once you have logged in to your Parent Portal, you will be able to enroll in classes, waitlist for classes, update contact and student information, edit payment details, and much more.

To enroll in a class, go to ‘Classes’, then ‘Find Classes’. Select the particular class you would like to enroll in, click ‘Enroll in this Class’, select the student, then ‘Enroll.’ A box will pop-up to confirm you were enrolled and you will receive a confirmation email. Once enrolled, you can view the class details on your portal dashboard or under ‘Classes’ > ‘My Schedule.’

What does ‘perpetual enrollment’ mean?

Perpetual enrollment means once you’ve enrolled your child in a class, they will automatically continue each month unless we receive a withdrawal request. Students will be able to keep their time slot as long as needed, and as long as the class exists.

How do I get on a waitlist?

To get on the waitlist for a class you want, login to your Parent Portal. Go to ‘Classes’, then ‘Find Classes’ where you will see options for Locations, Ages and Wait Lists. Click the slider to show you full classes with Waitlists. For the classes you want, click on ‘Join Waitlist’, select the student, then ‘Enroll’. A box will pop-up to confirm you were added to the waitlist.

Note: At this time, your waitlisted classes will not show up within your portal; however, Jackrabbit Technologies is planning to add this feature later in 2020.

How does the waitlist work?

When a spot opens up in a class, we immediately look to the waitlist to find the next eligible family. First priority will be given to enrolled students who need to move up to a new level, followed by enrolled students who prefer the different class option (based on when they got on the waitlist.) After that, classes openings be will offered, on a first-come first served basis, to waitlisted students who are not yet enrolled in a class.

When are payments processed?

Effective for classes starting in April 2020 for families already enrolled, tuition will be billed monthly. Accounts will be debited between the 15th and the 18th of each month for the number of classes that will be held the following month. (i.e.—April class tuition will be charged in March.) The number of classes may vary per month depending on holidays, etc. and the amount will be billed accordingly.

For families starting classes in April 2020 (or later), your first month’s tuition will be for the number of classes remaining in the month, based on your start date. This will be charged within 7 days of your enrollment. After that, the regular monthly billing cycle will apply.

**Families enrolled in the Winter 2020 session are required to pay the full session tuition up front, unless payment arrangements have been made. Tuition will be prorated for late-session enrollees. Payments are processed within 7 business days of enrollment.**

What if my payment doesn’t go through?

If a monthly payment is declined, you will be notified via automated email so that you can remedy the situation via your Parent Portal. If unresolved after one week, you will receive an email from our office alerting you to the problem and allowing one more week to make payment. If payment is not made within two weeks of the initial notification, the student may be dropped from the class.

All payment processing is handled directly through our PCI compliant registration system, Jackrabbit Technologies, and all credit card and bank draft information is securely saved for ease with future enrollments. We ask everyone to ensure their payment details are up-to-date to avoid any issue during monthly billing.

How does the Annual Registration Fee work?

Effective 2020, enrolled families will be charged a non-refundable $36 Annual Registration fee in January. Any family enrolling later in the year (after January) will be prorated the Annual Registration fee. (This has replaced the Admin fee families previously paid per session, totaling $40/year.) These fees are to help offset the administrative costs associated with enrollment each year.

This fee only applies once a family has enrolled in a class; they will not be charged for simply setting up their Parent Portal.

How do I cancel my enrollment?

Effective for April 2020 classes and later, you can cancel enrollment any time, as long as you cancel by the 14th of the month prior to when you wish to no longer attend (i.e.- If you wish to stop lessons in May, you would submit a withdrawal form to us no later than April 14th; otherwise you will be charged for May classes.)

** For Winter 2020 session, a full refund will be issued if you cancel your enrollment no later than one week prior to the session start. You must notify the Waterbabies office via email and speak directly with someone to confirm your cancellation.**

New families may cancel their enrollment within 72 hours of enrolling and receive a refund for tuition and annual fees charged within that time, as long as they have not yet attended a class. Once they’ve attended a class, the above monthly (or Winter 2020 session) cancellation policy applies.

What else do I need to know?

For more detailed information, be sure to visit our Policies and New Family Preparation pages.

Class Questions

(Which level, Tracking progress, Make-ups, etc.)

I’m new and my child has never had swim lessons. Which level should I enroll in?

If this is their first time in a swim class, please enroll them in the appropriate class based on their age when you plan to start classes: WaterBabies 1 (4-10 months), WaterBabies 1 (10-18 months), WaterBabies 1 (18-36 months), WaterKids 1 (3-5 years), or WaterYouth 1 (6-9 years.)

My child has had prior swim lesson experience. Which level would be the best fit?

To help figure out the most appropriate class level for your child, please complete our online Swim Assessment.

Please note: If your child is under 3 years and has taken lessons elsewhere, we highly recommend starting in our WaterBabies 1 class since they will be brand new to our particular program. The Waterbabies program is unique, and is different than other programs. Quite often, parents believe their child can come into our program starting in a higher level because of prior swim experience, only to find that the next level up is much too advanced.

Are there makeup classes if I miss a regular class?

It’s a possibility! We understand that life happens and you may have to miss a class every once and a while. While we do not provide refunds or credits if you miss a class, we will do our best to find a makeup opportunity for you. Because there are restrictions to where and when we can offer makeups, we cannot guarantee something will be available; however we will make our best effort to find an option for you. Please see our Policies section for more details on this.

What happens when my child is ready to move up a level?

Once the instructor is confident a student is ready for the next level (they’ve mastered the required skills in their current level):

  • We will work with you to find an open class in the level needed or waitlist you for desired time slots.
  • If there’s no space, the instructor will adjust their curriculum to challenge the student with higher level skills so they can remain where they are until a more appropriate spot becomes available.
  • If most of the students in class are ready to move up a level, we will simply advance the class to the next level and everyone can remain in that same time slot.

How can I track my child’s progress?

As instructors progress the students through the critical skills, they will update your child’s progress within your portal. Parents will be able to see when new skills are started, tested and attained. Instructors can also leave notes, so you know where your child needs a little more work before they can confidently say the skill is attained.

What if I need to change my class time?

If you need to change your class time, we will work with you to find a class that fits your schedule to the best of our ability.

Can my spouse and I take turns being in class each week?

For the purposes of consistency and stability, Waterbabies recommends that the same parent attends each weekly class. However, if parents would like to take turns being in the pool, we recommend that both parents be on site during each class to observe, as different skills are taught weekly.

Health Questions

(Colds, Fevers, Ear Infections, etc.)

My child is sick but I’m not sure if I should bring him/her to class?

Please reference our Health Guidelines section for answers to this question.