Enrollment Questions

(Accounts, Payment, Loyalty Levels, etc.)

Do I have to set-up an account?

Yes. In order to enroll in a class you must have an active Waterbabies account in our registration system. To set-up an account, click here.

When can I enroll in a class?

Generally, enrollment for all classes takes place approximately one month prior to the upcoming session and is conducted solely on-line.

Families new to Waterbabies can enroll starting on the Open Enrollment date for the upcoming session. Returning families enrollment dates are based on a Loyalty Program. (Find out more about this on our Registration Policies page.) Clear and timely communication is sent to parents notifying of their loyalty level each enrollment period. Any attempt to enroll on a different day than your Loyalty Level determines, will be revoked.

All upcoming session information including enrollment dates and class schedules, can be found on our Class Schedule page.

How do I enroll (as a new family)?

New families can enroll one of (3) ways, by selecting:

  • “Login & New Users” from the top of our website,
  • “Register” or from the “Class Schedules” page.

Complete the form to set-up your Waterbabies account and (if enrollment is open) enroll in a class.

All upcoming session information including enrollment dates and class schedules, can be found on our Class Schedule page.

How do I get into my account after it’s already been set-up?

The first time you access your account (after it’s been set-up), you will see an opportunity to click here and enter your email address. After doing so you will be sent a temporary password. After logging in with that password be sure to change the password to something permanent you will remember for future enrollments.

Once in your account on enrollment day, click on the “Enroll” tab to select and sign-up for classes. Use the filters to find and select your desired classes, and follow the prompts.

How do I enroll (as a returning Waterbabies family)?

  1. Returning Waterbabies families enroll by selecting “Login & New Users” from the top of our website.
  2. Once the form opens, click on “Already a customer? Click here to login.”
  3. If you forgot your password, select the Forgot your password? link, enter your email address and you will be sent a temporary password. Be sure to change your password to something permanent that you will remember for future enrollments.
  4. Once in your account, click on the “Enroll” tab to select and sign-up for classes. Use the filters to find and select your desired classes, and follow the prompts. Make sure your credit card information is current.

How does the waitlist work?

If a class is full, you may see “Waitlist” next to the class, instead of “Register”. You may waitlist for as many classes as you like.

Between enrollment time and up through the first few weeks of the session, we often have movement in classes. So if it’s something that fits in your schedule, we encourage you to waitlist. We will contact you if and when a spot becomes available in your waitlisted class for that session. If you do not hear from us, it is simply because nothing has opened up in the class.

When will my payment be processed for class?

Waterbabies posts all applicable fees and discounts to your account prior to charging your credit card. When you enroll in a class, your credit card will be charged within 7 business days. An email receipt will be sent to your email on file once payment has been accepted.

Is your online payment processing secure?

Yes, all online payment processing is handled directly through our PCI compliant registrations system (Jackrabbit technologies).

Even though it’s late in the session, can I still join a class?

Since we build upon skills each week throughout the session, we usually do not accept class additions after the third week of classes. There are exceptions to this rule depending on whether you or your child has swum with us before, and space dependent. Call the office to inquire. The only classes that new families would be eligible to join late in the session would be the Baby Splash or Toddler Splash classes, space permitting.

Do you prorate classes?

Yes. We will prorate only if you are enrolling after the first week of classes has begun. At the time you add in, we will charge you for the number of classes remaining from the day your start through the end of session.

How do I cancel my enrollment?

In order to cancel your enrollment with a full class fee refund, you must email us at: office@waterbabiesusa.com at least one week prior to your first class date. We will contact you via phone to make arrangements.

What if I miss or know I will miss several classes in the session. Can I cancel the class?

No refunds are given; however in the case of a medical condition of you or your child that precludes you from swimming for the remainder of the session (accompanied by a doctor’s note) a Waterbabies credit may be issued. This is on a case-by-case basis and the credit will start from the date you notify the office of the situation (credits will not be back-dated). Credits are held within the organization for up to 12 months.

Class Questions

(Make-ups, Which level, Switching parents, etc.)

I’m new to Waterbabies and my child has never done lessons. Which level should I start in?

If your child is under 3 years of age, they will need to start in one of our age-appropriate WaterBabies classes. Children ages 3-5 yrs should start in WaterKids 1, and children 6-8 yrs should begin in WaterYouth 1.

Please take our Swim Level Assessment for more information.

I’m new to Waterbabies but my child has had swim lessons elsewhere. Which class would be the best fit for him/her?

To determine which of our class levels would be appropriate for your child, we ask that you call the office at (425) 643-3533 and speak with one of our Lead Instructors. Based on your child’s skill set, we will advise which class would be most appropriate.

Please note: If your child is under 3 yrs and has taken lessons elsewhere, we would highly recommend starting in our WaterBabies 1 class since they will be brand new to Waterbabies. The Waterbabies program is unique, and is different than other programs. Quite often, parents believe their child can come into our program starting in a higher level because of prior swim experience, only to find that the next level up is way too advanced.

I took a session off of swim lessons. How do I know which level to sign my child up for?

We understand you occasionally need to take a session off; however, upon returning it’s very important to call the office for an assessment. If you have not been regularly swimming and practicing skills with your child during their break, putting them in the level they were last recommended for can create undue stress, upset and an unwillingness to participate in class — which does not support the child’s learning process. When continuity of swimming becomes interrupted, more often than not your child needs a lower level class in order to re-learn skills and become comfortable again. We have noticed that when parents do, this most children will bounce back quickly to the level they were at before. If too much pressure is put on them to perform after having been gone they can regress and swimming class can become an unpleasant experience.

Can my spouse and I take turns being in the water each week?

For the purposes of consistency and stability, Waterbabies recommends that the same parent attends each weekly class. However, if parents would like to take turns being in the pool, we recommend that both parents be on site during each class to observe, as different skills are taught weekly.

I’m usually the one who does the class with my child, but my spouse will have to do it next session. Is that okay?

If you plan on switching which parent comes to class with your child next session and your child is moving to WaterBabies 2, WaterBabies 3 or WaterBabies 4, please be sure to “prepare” the other parent for class, so that the instructor doesn’t have to re-teach the “new” parent all of the skills and activities. Otherwise we would recommend WaterBabies 1 so that the “new” parent can learn the correct way to perform all of the skills and activities with their child.

Do you offer Make-up classes in case we miss a class?

There are NO MAKE-UP classes if you have to miss a class due to illness, travel, etc. Please be sure to carefully check your personal calendars before you commit to a class when you go to enroll in a session.

If class is cancelled by Waterbabies, we will schedule a make-up class in collaboration with the facility, and notify parents as to when that class will be held. If you are unable to attend the make-up class Waterbabies does not hold responsibility for accommodating the personal schedule of families.

Health Questions

(Colds, Fevers, Ear Infections, etc.)

My child is sick but I’m not sure if I should bring him/her to class?

Please reference our Illness Guidelines section for answers to this question.