3 Years – 12 Years

We use a child-centered teaching approach focused on water adjustment, personal safety, basic survival skills, and basic through advanced swim techniques. Our highly trained instructors work with students to develop a harmonious relationship with the water. They build a strong foundation for the strokes by introducing breathing exercises, correct body alignment, building core body strength, and propulsion.

As our students progress we add developmentally appropriate strokes. The WaterKids learn to swim program helps build confidence, self-esteem and independence in students. Kids have fun while learning to respect the water.

The Waterbabies philosophy combined with ‘Swimplicity – Learn to Swim’ technology, forms the foundation of our WaterKids program. Swimplicity was developed by Bill Boomer and Milt Nelms (Olympic swim coaches) and adapted for a Learn To Swim program by Edie Flood of “Wings Over Water” swim Schools in New York.

Cost: $28 per 30-min. class / $32 per 45-min. class
(number of weeks depends on session)

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Seasonal Classes
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WaterKids 1
This class is for first time swimmers and/or children who are fearful or uncomfortable in the water.Read More
3+ years
30 min
Must be 3-5 yearsRead More
WaterKids 2
These students are water adjusted (comfortable in and under the water) and happy to swim with an instructor.Read More
3+ years
30 min
Must be 3-5 years; Water adjusted; Safe entry into pool unassisted;Read More
WaterKids 3
This class focuses on independence, developing breath control and rhythmic breathing while swimming independently and advanced safety skills.Read More
3+ years
30 min
Must be 3-5 years; Safe entry & exit;Read More
WaterKids 4
This class focuses on Independent swimming skillsRead More
3+ years
30 min
Must be 3-5 years; Bobs with assistance - 10;Read More
WaterKids 5
This class focuses on managing the aquatic forces and maintaining correct alignment while in propulsion.Read More
4+ Years
30 min
Must be 4+ yearsRead More
WaterKids 6
This class focuses on the foundations of Freestyle and BackstrokeRead More
5+ Years
45 min
Must be 5+ yearsRead More
WaterKids 7
This class focuses on teaching Freestyle and Backstroke with correct formRead More
5.5+ Years
45 min
Must be 5½+ years; Bridge with breath exchanges;Read More
WaterKids Grads
This class focuses on refining Freestyle & Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly with correct formRead More
6+ Years
45 min
Must be 6+ years; Have proficiency in Rhythmic breath exchanges;Read More
WaterKids Swim Club
Invite onlyRead More
6+ Years
45 min
Intro to correct starts & finishes; Intro to correct turns; Intro to timed swimsRead More
This class is for first time swimmersRead More
6+ Years
30 min
Must be 6-8 yearsRead More