Aquatic Exercise

water exercise classesExercise in warm water is therapeutic for your body and can accelerate your progress toward healing an injury, improving mobility, or increasing strength and flexibility. The water reduces inflammation and decreases pressure on joints while increasing blood circulation, allowing injured areas to recover sooner, and the resistance and warm temperature relax your muscles, reducing spasticity and pain. Simply being in the water allows you to activate muscles and move your body in ways not possible on land.

Waterbabies is proud to partner with instructor Julie Berquist to present aquatic exercise classes to the Waterbabies community! Julie is a certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor and has been leading aquatic classes since 2005. She certified with the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program in 2002 as an Aquatic Program Instructor, and in 2003 with the Aquatic Exercise Association as an Aquatic Fitness Instructor. Join one of our aquatic exercise classes today!

Waterbabies Aquatic Exercise classes are open to adults of all ages and abilities. You must purchase a daily pass or multi-use stamp card to attend. These are available at the Renton Waterbabies Aquatic Center and can be purchased any time during regular business hours.

Drop-In Classes
(Daily pass or stamp card required)

Aquatic Body Tune-Up
Moderately-paced low-impact aquatic exercise classRead More
18+ years
60 min
No previous experience necessary.
Aqua Core
Develop, improve, and maintain correct body alignment, posture, and equilibriumRead More
18+ years
60 min
No previous experience necessary.